The Web Files #34- Taryn Southern
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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Web Files #34 - Taryn Southern

On this week’s episode of The Web.Files, host Kristyn Burtt interviews the lovely and talented Taryn Southern. Well, what else do you need to know? It’s Taryn Southern! The video is down there, get to clicking. Also, today The Web.Files announced that it had signed a new distribution deal with Dailymotion (it’s like YouTube but with naked people). Dailymotion was also the home of Compulsions, so perhaps there will be more light bondage in future episodes of The Web.Files.

Taryn Southern is an actress, singer, writer, producer, host, and editor who has worked on numerous online videos. Southern rose to fame with her lesbianic tribute video to then Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Prior to this, she was a contestant on American Idol, which she does not like to talk about, so don’t ever mention it and forget you just read about it. She also starred is the WB’s first web drama, Sorority Forever where she made out with a girl then killed herself in a bathtub. She also starred in a musical about the secret joys of anal sex. Recently, she completed work on her first feature film, which is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Taryn Southern is easily one of the most talented people (male or female) working in online video today. I encourage anyone who has not done so to check out her body of work (oh, get your mind out of the gutter), and I am not just saying that because she once gave me a pair of headphones.

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